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Almonds in Pakistan

Almonds in Pakistan

Almond nuts are one of the most used nuts in the world. Especially in winter, the consumption of Almonds is very high. This famous and tasty nut is covered with a hard shell, the seed inside the shell is the true nut that is edible. Like any other country Almonds in Pakistan are also very much famous. People love to eat Almonds in winter as well as in summer. In Urdu, Almonds are called badam.

Almonds or badam in Pakistan are imported from America, Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Pakistan also has also Almond trees. But the consumption is greater than production due to which almonds need to import. Almonds in Pakistan are producing in different regions. Balochistan province produces approx 27000 tonnes annually, the Gilgit Baltistan province also produces Almonds. But the quantity is not too much which can not export. The taste and flavor of Pakistani Almonds are very good.

Price of Almonds in Pakistan

The price of almonds in Pakistan totally depends on almond quality. For hardshell almonds, the prices are fall between 600 – 900 PKR. For soft shells or for Kagazi badam the price range will be 1000 – 1300 PKR depend on quality and cleanness. The almonds price in Pakistan also depends on the area. The price of almonds in Gilgit Baltistan is less as compared to the price in Islamabad, Lahore, or Karachi. Similarly, the price of almonds in Balochistan is very low compare to Karachi or Lahore. Though the taste is similar to all.

Uses of Almonds

In Pakistan almonds are used for different purposes, most people love to eat as it is. Some people love eating roasted almonds and also flavored almonds are also famous in Pakistan. Almonds are also used in bakery items like pudding, cake, cookies, pastries, and halwa. Some other famous use of almonds is to make almonds oil, almond milk, and almond butter

Types of Almonds

There are too many types of almonds in Pakistan. Gurbani badam, Kagazi almond, American softshell almond, Australian Kagazi badam, Abdul Wahidi badam, American almond Giri, Kalmi badam. These are some types of almonds mostly use in Pakistan. If you want to buy and premium quality almonds you are in right place. The buying steps are very easy, select the products from the list, add to cart, on checkout page enter your details and submit boom your order is completed. Cash is on delivery with free home delivery all over Pakistan.

Benefits of Almonds

according to medicalnewstoday.com, there are too many health benefits of almonds which includes

Almond contains fat, which is unsaturated. this type of fat is not harmful at all

The consumption of almond reduce the risk of breast cancer
Almond increase lipid or fat level in the blood which is beneficial for heart health

almonds or badam contains vitamin E

Almonds may help manage blood sugar levels in your body
Almond is low in carbohydrates but high in protein, healthful fats, and fiber

Badam also increase bone health due to calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin K, Protein, and Zinc

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