Dry fruits in Pakistan

Dry fruits in Pakistan

Pakistan is basically an agricultural country, and there are too many types of dry fruits. Fresh Pakistani mangos are very famous around the world. The Sindh province of Pakistan is one of the biggest producers of dates.

If we talk about fresh fruits, then orange, banana’s, lemon, dates, and mango’s are some famous fresh fruits. And if we can talk about dry fruits in Pakistan, then pine nuts, Apricot, Walnut, Almond, Pistachio, Zarshik, Almond kernels, and raisins are some famous dry fruits. Let’s discuss all these dry fruits one by one.

Pakistan dry fruits list


almond pakistan

Almond is commonly known as the king of dry fruits. One of the most common nuts in the world. Almond is popular due to its oil content. Dried Almond can preserve for years. Almond is also very beneficial for brain health.

In Pakistan northern areas and Baluchistan province produce high quality of Almonds. Pakistan product approximately 26487 tons of almonds every year, but we still need to import almonds from different countries like America, Afghanistan, and Iran due to high demand. Some famous types of almonds in Pakistan are Ktha, Kaghazi


walnuts pakistan gilgit baltistan

The major areas of walnuts productions in Pakistan are Abbottabad, Galliat, Gilgit Baltistan, Swat, Dir, Shangla, Buner, and Chitral. Pakistani people use walnuts mostly in cakes and cookies. Some people love to eat walnut as plain dry fruits. It is very beneficial for the heart. The normal rate of walnut in Pakistan varies between 899 to 1700 PKR per KG. If you want to purchase the walnut you can buy from here.


apricot pakistan

Gilgit Baltistan province is the largest producer of fresh and dried apricot in Pakistan. The sweet and delicious apricots are the main mascot of Gilgit Baltistan. Gilgit, Shigar, Kharmang, Hunza, Skardu, and Khaplu are the places where apricots are abundant.

Apricot kernel is also famous in the northern area. The kernel is a good source to produce oil, which can be used for cooking and some other purposes like, it can be used as hair oil, it can also be used for massage. Apricots are a great source of Vitamin A and C, Fiber and Potassium. Which are beneficial for eyes, heart, and for the digestive system. Also, Apricots are a great source of iron.

So these are some dry fruits of Pakistan. The list is not over yet. There are too many other dry fruits that exist in Pakistan. We will update our dry fruit list from time to time. If you want to try some of these dry fruits, you can buy it from our online dry fruits store.