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apricot seeds

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  • Apricot kernels are known as the seeds found inside the stone of every apricot. When fresh they are white in color and once dried have light brown skin around the outside. They can be confused with a small almond, as they look quite similar, however, they are slightly smaller than the common almond and a little flatter in appearance.
    There are two main varieties of the apricot kernel; the sweet apricot kernel and the bitter apricot kernel. The bitter apricot has as its name suggests, a very off-putting bitter flavor and has long been claimed to be beneficial as a natural treatment in curing cancer. It is claimed they contain high levels of B17, otherwise known as amygdalin. Amygdalin breaks down to hydrogen cyanide and in high enough doses can cause acute toxicity!


    • Success rate in treating cancer

    The apricot seed contains:

    • 45 to 50 percent oil
    • 25 percent protein
    • 8 percent carbohydrates
    • 5 percent fiber
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